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What is Condo Grayskull?


At this point you may be asking yourself, “What’s all this Condo Grayskull business I keep hearing about?”, or ,”What’s a Condo Grayskull anyway?”  I’m glad you asked, dear friend. Stay a while and listen to an enchanting tale of humble beginnings and perseverance amidst seemingly insurmountable odds. Basically, we’re like the Rocky Balboa of podcast groups and each new day brings another Hulk Hogan for us to do talky battle with. Or Clubber Lang. He was pretty fierce too. Clubber. …Lang.

Ahem. Anyway. Moving on.

The Condo Grayskull podcast is the brainchild of our very own Joe Friedrich, and was born from the desire to do something a tad bit more creative than just drinking beer on a Tuesday night.

Having gleaned inspiration from a popular podcast of the video game variety, Joe asked the three of us if we’d like to give it a try. Historically our core group had already been hanging out for a weekly guy’s night anyway, so the time and place was there. And Joe, being the international man of mystery that he is, already had some of the necessary equipment to lay down some sweet audio tracks.

So we dove in. No formats. No plan. No direction. And what started as an experiment in recording ourselves just to see if we could became *Condo Grayskull. Motivated simply to have fun and create something we could share with friends, we had a blast doing it! So we decided to do it again. And again. And again.

4 guys sitting down for an hour each week, bullshitting about whatever and praying that our rapier wit and overabundance of charisma takes over more often than not; a synergy undoubtedly greater than the sum of its parts. And you know what? It seems to work beautifully.

Condo Grayskull is what it is now due to the love, dedication and talent its four members pour into it each week. From proprietary music written by Joe Friedrich, custom artwork designed by Michael Davis, a strong web presence granted from the extensive internet knowledge of Colin Zemer, and Michael Porcaro’s inherent ability to weaken the ladies’ knees with a suit and a smile; we all bring something to the table.

Why? Because it’s fun. We make ourselves laugh more than anything else. And as long as we continue to have fun with this, Condo Grayskull will thrive and grow.

Much thanks to all who like what we’re doing here and support us! Please be sure to check back often for our weekly podcast and vidcast. You can also check us out on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


Kind Regards and Warm Embraces,

– The Super Sexy Men Of Condo Grayskull

*The Condo Grayskull name itself actually came from a comment discussed during our initial recording session.